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#WasteFreeWednesday: Bulk Food Stores

The next step on my journey to minimise my plastic waste (after taking the simple steps such as reusable cup, straws, and plastic bags), was to start avoiding plastic in the food that I buy from the supermarkets. This was an interesting and somewhat challenging thing for me to do, and even though I am… Continue reading #WasteFreeWednesday: Bulk Food Stores


Top 5 Marine Documentaries

These are the documentaries that give me inspiration. Whenever I feel like I'm losing my passion, or are just feeling like I'm on a useless career path, I watch one of these documentaries and it all makes sense again! 1. Blue Planet 1 and 2 There is nothing more soothing than Sir David Attenborough's voice,… Continue reading Top 5 Marine Documentaries

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

#WasteFreeWednesday is here again, and this time, I'm telling you about this phenomenon that is always referred to when talking about plastic pollution. Located between Japan and California, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest natural accumulation of plastic and other rubbish in the world. This is not the only place in the ocean… Continue reading The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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#WasteFreeWednesday: Sustainable Fashion

With fashion being one of those industries that changes so rapidly, it is important for brands to get their clothes out as soon as possible. They are generally affordable and in style, but with this need to have the latest trends in stock, sustainability is not their priority. With Instagram and Facebook's popularity growing constantly,… Continue reading #WasteFreeWednesday: Sustainable Fashion

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#WasteFreeWednesday: Reduce and Reuse

Don't get me wrong, Reduce Reuse and Recycle is an amazing project that has helped enormously with waste management. But I believe that we are at the stage where there needs to be greater emphasis on reducing and reusing, because we are at the stage where the landfill is just too much to handle. In… Continue reading #WasteFreeWednesday: Reduce and Reuse