DIY: Reusable Cotton Rounds

For years I have been using these little cotton rounds to remove nail polish, makeup and tone my face, and they go so quickly because I use around 2 a day, and sometimes more if I'm wearing makeup. Each time I buy these, they come in packs of around 60 or so, and each time,… Continue reading DIY: Reusable Cotton Rounds

#WasteFreeWednesday, Plastic Free July

Week 1 of Plastic Free July

Well well well, these past few days has not gone the way I planned. On the first day (Sunday), I woke up, had my usual breakfast and made myself a cup of instant coffee. But I didn't have any left, so I stole one of my roommates coffee bags. It was only until after my… Continue reading Week 1 of Plastic Free July

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Preparing for Plastic Free July

This year, I have decided to take the Plastic Free July challenge, where I am aiming to go plastic free for the entire month of July. After doing a bit of research today and preparing for the month ahead, I started to realise how hard this month will be (I guess they don't call it… Continue reading Preparing for Plastic Free July

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The Importance of Mending

The other week, I ripped my only pair of black jeans while bike riding around Canberra. It was only a small rip but it was pretty high up the leg, so I felt a little uncomfortable wearing them. I have written before about fast fashion (if you missed that post, you'll find it here), and… Continue reading The Importance of Mending

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#WasteFreeWednesday: Bulk Food Stores

The next step on my journey to minimise my plastic waste (after taking the simple steps such as reusable cup, straws, and plastic bags), was to start avoiding plastic in the food that I buy from the supermarkets. This was an interesting and somewhat challenging thing for me to do, and even though I am… Continue reading #WasteFreeWednesday: Bulk Food Stores