Addy’s Underwater Adventure

Follow Addy and Dylan the Damselfish as they tour the largest reef in the world, The Great Barrier Reef, meeting all the fascinating creatures who call it home!

This podcast is ideal for those difficult situations where you need to entertain young ones without screens. Think bathtime, trips home from school, grocery shopping, or really any time you’ve got active minds.

Each episode aligns with various science learnings of the Australian National Curriculum (I’m looking at you, primary school teachers!), combining a teaching aid and calming tool for those post recess/lunch balls of energy! I recommend listening with their eyes closed, letting their imagination to transport them to the magical underwater world.

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Episode 5 – Animals in Disguise

Get out your magnifying glass, because Dylan and Addy are going to need some help finding the animals on this episode of Addy’s Underwater Adventure! Dylan will introduce you and Addy to the Great Barrier Reef’s animals in disguise, the Cuttlefish and Stonefish!

Australian National Curriculum: ACSSU002, ACSSU017, ACSSU044, ACSSU073, ACSSU043

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Episode 4 – Marine Mammals

Dylan tracks down two very special animals to introduce to Addy: Dolphins and Whales. Find out what makes these marine mammals so special in this episode of Addy’s Underwater Adventure.

Australian National Curriculum: ACSSU002, ACSSU017, ACSSU044, ACSSU043

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Episode 3- The Misunderstood Sharks

In this episode, Addy discovers that sharks are much more than what’s seen in the movies or on TV. Dylan introduces her to two very different, but fascinating sharks found on the Great Barrier Reef: the Epaulette Shark and the Black Tip Reef Shark.

Australian National Curriculum: ACSSU002, ACSSU017, ACSSU211, ACSSU073, ACSSU043, ACSSU094

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Episode 2 – Mutualism: Best friends on the reef

Join Addy as Dylan teachers her about mutualism, a common relationship in the animal world where both participants benefit from the other, just like best friends! Follow the pair as they meet three sets of best friends, and learn how they help each other survive on the Great Barrier Reef.

Episode infographic: Mutualism on the Reef

Australian National Curriculum: ACSSU002, ACSSU017, ACSSU211, ACSSU030,  ACSSU073, ACUSS043

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Episode 1 – The building blocks of the reef

On the first episode of Addy’s Underwater Adventure, Addy meets Dylan the Damselfish, and is introduced to the surprisingly complex Coral!

Australian National Curriculum: ACSSU002, ACSSU017, ACSSU211, ACSSU030, ACSSU044, ACSSU073

Episode Infographic: Lego of the Reef- Coral

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