Hello! My name is Sofia, I’m a marine biologist from Canberra, now living and enjoying the sunny life in Brisbane, Australia. It was my passion for the ocean that drove me to complete a Bachelor of Science, majoring in marine biology, at The University of Queensland. It was this same passion that prompted me to start this blog when I realised how much of an impact my day-to-day life was having on our oceans!

With only one semester left of my undergrad, I started to think about my future, and more specifically, what in the world I was going to do after graduation! I felt like my brain was packed full of interesting facts about our oceans and marine life that I had learnt over the years, and really wanted to share that with everyone, in the hopes they would love our oceans as much as me. At this same time, I was starting to reduce my waste little by little, and found handy tips and tricks to do so. I was slowly building up this low impact lifestyle, and again, wanted to share that with people wanting to do the same.

So here we are! You’re either reading this because you: a) want to reduce your waste, b) are keen to learn a few fun facts about the ocean, c) you’re a relative who is just super proud of me *cough mum cough*, or secret answer d) for the love of the turtles (which is actually the correct answer so 10 points to you!).

Well, whatever the reason, welcome! And I hope you learn a thing or two while you’re here!