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Feel Good Friday – Scotland, TripAdvisor and ‘Cooling Houses’

I think most people would agree with me when I say Fridays are the best day of the week, right? But your Friday is about to get a whole lot better now that I’m introducing Feel Good Friday!

Every time I open Facebook or watch the news, I feel bombarded with saddening news stories about the state of our world. There is always news of another glacier melting, another shooting, another woman being assaulted, or another species being added to the endangered list. The negativity in the world, especially towards the environment, really discouraged me in the past few months which is why I have taken a small break from writing. But I can’t let the state of our world get me down anymore, which is why I’ve introduced Feel Good Fridays!

Every week, I will be posting three of my favourite positive news stories on here and on Instagram to try and combat the negativity that others (and myself) may be feeling about our world. I present to you my first three Feel Good Friday stories:

  1. Scotland are producing enough wind energy to power two Scotlands

This is an amazing advancement in the green energy revolution, with Scotland showing other countries just how much energy you can get from wind farms. This achievement has nearly eliminated the need for coal fired energy in Scotland, with wind now being able to power 1.8 billion homes.


2. Drought resistant ‘cooling houses’ are being used to grow healthy produce in deserts around the world

Australia, Abu Dhabi and Somaliland are just a few of the countries trialling these ‘cooling houses’ from Seawater Greenhouse. Not only are they able to grow produce in harsh environments in which without these ‘cooling houses’ would have no hope in growing anything, they’re also repurposing cardboard to build them! The walls of these houses are made from wet cardboard packed together to create a sturdy structure and use evaporative cooling from the walls to keep the house cool and moist. Seawater also helps with the evaporative cooling by trickling through the walls. This is such an incredible engineering project that is a bright light for the future of agriculture.

seawater greenhosue
Image from Seawater Greenhouse

3. TripAdvisor is ending their commercial relationship with attractions breeding cetaceans in captive

Since their animal welfare policy passed in 2016, TripAdvisor and its partners have improved the life of animals around the world, with their latest step removing attractions breeding whales, dolphins, and porpoises in captivity for public display. The movie Blackfish has brought the cruelty of animal captivity to the attention of many around the world, and since then numerous changes have been made regarding breeding and keeping animals in captivity. Scientists agree on the negative impacts of keeping animals, especially whales and dolphins, in captivity and that they do not thrive in limited areas. Big companies have a great impact on the world, and this news of TripAdvisor taking a stand and supporting animals that cant speak for themselves is incredibly inspiring!


Obviously there are so many more that I would want to share with you, but these are the three that grabbed my attention the most. Have an amazing weekend and stay positive!

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