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Review: White Magic Microfibre Laundry Bag

I’ve already put this product on my October favourites blog post, but I thought I would go more in depth about this product because I think it’s super important! Synthetic fabrics are anything made from a polymer based fabric, such as nylon and polyester. Most clothes shed fibres when they get washed, but the fibre from synthetic fabrics are especially bad because they are a form of microplastic. When these synthetic microfibres shed from our clothes in the washing machine, they go down the drain with the water from that wash, and eventually end up in the ocean!

I have a lot of clothes from before I started reducing my sustainable journey, and I’ve been washing them normally because I didn’t think there was solution to microfibers (besides getting rid of all those clothes, which would be super wasteful). So when I found this bag, I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was!

The bag itself is made out of a plastic like material, making me a little sceptical about whether or not it would release microfibres itself, even though they claim it doesn’t. The bag’s size is 50cm-74cm, which is large enough for me to fit all my synthetic clothes in, and still have room in the washing machine for the rest of my clothes.

I can happily say that after two weeks of washing, this product actually works! It collects what just looks like fluff, but after closer inspection, you can see the fibres of clothing that get shed from the synthetic fabrics, trapped on the inside of the bag!

However, no product is perfect, and there are a few downsides to this one. Firstly, I have no clue what to do with the fibres that I collect from the bag. For now I’ve been keeping them in a brown paper bag, and then I guess when it gets full enough, I’ll tape it up so the bag doesn’t leak, and put it in the bin. There are no instructions on the box as to what to do with the fibres, it just says “dispose of the fibres appropriately”, which isn’t really helpful. The second is that, even though I am careful, some of the fibres might have stuck to the clothes, so when I hang them out, they’ll end up on the ground. Although I think that might be unlikely from the amount of fibres I’ve seen collected in the bag!

I would give this product 4/5, due to the lack of instructions about the disposal of microfibres. But other than that, I absolutely love the product and would recommend it to anyone with synthetic clothes, and could even go as far as to say it’s a must have for sustainable laundry!

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