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Making Fathers Day Sustainable

With Fathers Day just around the corner in Australia, I thought I would share some ways you can make it a more sustainable holiday! Not only will I give you gift suggestions, but I’ll also share small ways to help the environment while you celebrate!

1. Swap out the gift wrap for eco friendly alternatives

Normal gift wrap generally has plastic coating, or is made out of glossy, plastic paper. To help reduce plastic waste, you can switch to a more sustainable option, such as newspaper, old fabric scraps, or display the gift in a nice basket! Newspaper might seem a little boring, but you can use the comic section to make it a little more fun!

2. Ditch the newsagent generic cards for something more special

It’s really special to receive a card with a beautiful message written in it, so how about making it 100 times better by getting a card that is hand made from recycled materials, and supports small businesses. For Fathers Day, I would recommend these cards from Biome, as 10% of the profits going towards organisations that protect our environment!

3. Say no to balloons

I will admit that balloons make for a pretty decoration, but it’s one piece of single use plastic a lot of people forget about. There are so many alternatives to balloons that can still brighten up a room! Bunting is a great way to add colour to a room, and can be reused over and over again, for many different occasions! Tissue paper pom poms can be super cute, reusable, and are simple to make!

Environmentally friendly gift swaps!

There are a lot of presents that dads commonly receive on Fathers Day, so below I’ve listed a few, and given an environmentally friendly alternative. I’ve also included links to where you can buy these gifts!


The first image is a pack of socks from Kmart (unsustainably made with no benefit to the environment at all). The second image is a pair of socks from Conscious Step Socks That Protect Oceans. Ethically and sustainably made, these socks give back to the environment by donating to the ocean conservation charity: Oceana. There many other causes you can support by buying these socks, such as educating kids, ending poverty, treating HIV, and so many more!


I know I’ve bought these for my dad a few times over the years! So how about instead of buying Peter Alexander PJs (left image), you buy dad a set made from sustainable materials. The perfect example comes from the Australian brand Ettitude. Ettitude use sustainable bamboo to make the softest sheets and pyjamas (right images). I have the sheets and I can honestly say they’re the most comfortable sheets I’ve ever had, and I’m sure the pyjamas are the same!

Shampoo and Soaps

It’s so simple to make shampoo and soaps more sustainable. Swap your favourite soap or shampoo that comes in a bottle, to a soap bar unpackaged, or wrapped in cardboard! Crew (left image) shampoo is one that my dad uses, and can be swapped with one of Biomes best selling shampoo bars: Tasmanian Real Beer Shampoo Bar (right image)! This is a super moisturising shampoo bar that is extremely popular with both men and women. It is made using Australian ingredients, and buying this product will support two Australian businesses, the brand (Beauty and the Bees), and the brewery that supplies the beer!

Here’s a list of other sustainable gifts below incase none of these take your fancy!

As always, if you have any questions you can ask me via the contact form, or through Instagram.


2 thoughts on “Making Fathers Day Sustainable”

  1. Sofia – great ideas for Fathers Day. I didn’t realise there were so many options that are also good for the environment.


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