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DIY: Face Moisturiser

Sorry for the late upload but I recently started a new job at Biome, which is amazing because I am learning so much about natural and sustainable living that I can share with you! I have been working two jobs at the moment, and am currently writing this post while having my dinner. I had planned this post to go out a few weeks ago, but better late than never!

I am slowly phasing out all the plastic products in my bathroom, so when I finally ran out of face moisturiser, I took the opportunity to make my own! After some thorough googling, I found the perfect recipe. Making your own products is such an effective way to cut out plastic from your life. You can use glass containers, or even reuse ones that your old products came in! It can also be a lot cheaper than buying new products every time you run out!

To make this light face moisturiser, you’ll need:

I recently learnt there is a classification system for oils and their effect on your skin; their comedogenic rating. I like this recipe because it uses Argan oil and Shea Butter, which both have a comedogenic rating of 0 out of 5, meaning they wont clog your pores and cause breakouts. Many people use coconut oil as a moisturiser, however it actually has a comedogenic rating of 4, which is fairly high, so I tried to steer clear of that ingredient.

Shea butter is amazing, because it is full of vitamins and nutrients necessary for collagen production, making it a skin superfood! Argan oil is also great for your skin because of its high vitamin E content, but also provides and locks in the moisture from the Shea butter.

Now you know a little more about the ingredients, here’s how you make it:

Melt the Shea butter and Argan oil over a double boiler, and stir to combined. Once this is complete, take the mixture off the heat and add in your essential oils if using them. I used lemongrass essential oil in mine, because it has antibacterial properties, making it great if you’re prone to breakouts.

Once the mixture is complete, there are three options you can take to finish it off:

  1. let it cool at room temperature and it will stay as an oil
  2. pop it in the fridge to cool where it will form a hard, balm consistency (like mine)
  3. let it cool in the fridge until it is starting to harden, then beat it with electric mixers, until it forms a soft, whipped consistency
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And that’s it! This is such a simple recipe, and you can play around with the ratio of Shea butter to Argan oil depending on your skin type. You can also change the Argan oil to a different oil, such as hemp seed oil (comedogenic rating of 0), or jojoba oil (comedogenic rating of 3).

Let me know if you have any questions by the contact form or through Instagram. Don’t forget to tag me in any photos if you try it, I love seeing everyones DIY products!



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