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Wrapping up Plastic Free July

What an experience this past month has been! Plastic Free July was definitely a challenge, and made me realise how reliant we are on plastic. Even though the idea of Plastic Free July is to refuse plastic packaging and challenge yourself to live without it for a month, I can’t say I made it the whole month plastic free. There are a few things that I’ve learnt from this past month:

  1. How much I rely on beeswax wrap
  2. Make the most of social media and follow as many zero waste Instagrammers as possible
  3. Plastic is everywhere!

The main lesson I’ve taken away from this experience is that it can be impossible to give up plastic entirely. Even the people who live the most zero waste lifestyle often slip up. At first when I forgot to ask for no straw, or I just wasn’t thinking and bought something with plastic packaging, I was a little hard on myself. But throughout the month, I came to realise that it’s a process, and you can’t expect to cut out every single piece of plastic in a day. This month has been amazing for me, because not only has it shown me that cutting out plastic doesn’t need to be hard, and you don’t need to buy every single zero waste product out there, but also what areas that I can work on.

For me, I found that eating out was where I slipped up the most. Now I know this, I can plan ahead when I eat out, so I can further reduce my plastic. This means taking my own container for leftovers, and making an effort to chose a restaurant that is environmentally friendly.

I will definitely continue living like I’m still in Plastic Free July, not only for myself, but I’ve found it inspires a lot of people when they see how easy it is. So hopefully my journey has inspired you, and as always you can ask me questions by the contact page, or Instagram.

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