#WasteFreeWednesday, Plastic Free July

Week 1 of Plastic Free July

Well well well, these past few days has not gone the way I planned. On the first day (Sunday), I woke up, had my usual breakfast and made myself a cup of instant coffee. But I didn’t have any left, so I stole one of my roommates coffee bags. It was only until after my first sip when my brain had finally woken up that I had realised the plastic packaging around the coffee bag. 8 hours into Plastic Free July and I had already failed!

But I knew not to beat myself up about it, so I kicked on and continued my day plastic free. I made my lunch, did my shopping, and avoided plastic for the rest of the day… until dinner. I ordered a ginger beer while out for dinner, and forgot to say those magic words “no straw please”. And lo and behold, a straw arrived with my drink.

On the Monday I went out to the movies and as is tradition I bought a choc top ice cream. And of course that is wrapped in plastic, so there was another slip up. I think the issue was that I keep forgetting about the challenge that I have set. So to help myself remember, I have set this image as my phones lock screen background.


After that, every time I opened my phone, I got a little reminder and it genuinely helped. Tuesday was the first day that I had not made a mistake and been entirely plastic free! Hopefully this continues throughout July. As always if there are any questions feel free to message me on Instagram @TheBlueScientist or via the contact page.

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