Being Environmentally Friendly at Uni

It can often feel like a struggle to find ways to bring sustainable habits into your everyday life, so here are a list of ways that you can make your uni life more environmentally friendly!

  1. Bring your own

Starting off with an easy one, bring your own! If you know you can’t make it through a lecture without a coffee, then bring your own reusable mug! Go the extra mile than just a reusable bottle and mug, pack your own lunch or snacks you’ll be saving money and the nasty containers they usually come in! But if you forget to go to the shops, or are too lazy to make lunch, then think outside the box, and consider bringing an empty container to uni to put your bought lunch in.

  1. Wear ethical clothing

Whether you like looking stylish for uni, or just want to be in comfortable clothes, there are so many ethical and environmentally friendly brands out there. I would recommend downloading the Good On You app on your phone. They give ethical reviews of mainstream brands like Witchery and Topshop, so you can be sure the brands you buy are ethical.

  1. Stick to your laptop

Using your laptop instead of paper, will save so much waste, and will help keep your notes in order. Downloading programs like Microsoft OneNote makes taking notes in class much easier, and automatically saves it to the cloud, so you will never lose it. If you find that physically writing notes helps you learn, then there are apps that you can download for your iPad or iPhone that allows you to write notes straight on your devise using a stylus, so it’s like you’re writing on paper.

  1. Walk or take public transport

Not only are busses cheaper than parking, and will reduce your CO2 emissions, but it is nice to have that time to reflect on your day, read a book, or just listen to music. It might take a little longer to actually get there, but I’m sure the time will be spent better than driving around in circles trying to find parking! If you decide to walk or ride your bike, then you are getting your daily exercise in, which is a bonus!

  1. Join an environmental club

At every uni there would be an environmental club, where you can meet likeminded people, and discuss issues that are important and things you care about! This is the best way to make change, by banding together with people who have the same morals, and fighting for change. And if there isn’t a club already (which is highly unlikely), then you should start one!

5 thoughts on “Being Environmentally Friendly at Uni”

  1. These are great ideas! It is nice to know someone who genuinely cares about the environment 😀 I am a uni student too, I can so relate to the coffee travel mug! 🙂


      1. You are indeed a inspiration, a blog dedicating for sharing a very important message. Keep it up. Your blog is laid out very nicely. All the best for your blogging career 🙂 Keep up the good work!


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