Top 5 Marine Documentaries

These are the documentaries that give me inspiration. Whenever I feel like I’m losing my passion, or are just feeling like I’m on a useless career path, I watch one of these documentaries and it all makes sense again!

1. Blue Planet 1 and 2

There is nothing more soothing than Sir David Attenborough’s voice, I think anyone will agree with that! I love this documentary series because the cinematography is just so beautiful. I can really appreciate how many hours, and more often days, that the filmmakers have camped out at a site, just to get that 5 minutes of film. You can watch the first Blue Planet on Netflix, and the second one at 9 Now.

2. Chasing Coral

This documentary, made by the same people who created Chasing Ice, follows the path of filmmakers attempt to document coral bleaching around the world. It has a really beautiful storyline, and features so many passionate and inspirational people, who want to showcase how serious coral bleaching is, and what happens to the coral. The struggles they go through to showcase this event, and how they continued to keep trying even after so many times is really inspirational. The creator of this documentary has also started 50 Reefs, a plan to save and protect 50 reefs around the world. You can watch this one on Netflix.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

This is another David Attenborough documentary, done in 4 parts. The first is the Builders, which is all about the coral, and how such a large scale reef was built over so many years. The second episode is Visitors, which showcases the animals such as migratory whales that visit and stop by the reef on their journey. The third episode is called Survival, and it explains how so many animals live on the reef, and how each of them has adapted to surviving in a highly populated area. The fourth episode is about how they made this documentary, and shows in detail what I was talking about earlier, all the effort that goes into David Attenborough’s amazing documentaries. This one really showcases just how beautiful the Great Barrier Reef is, and how lucky we are to have this beautiful piece of history in our back yard.

4. Mission Blue

This is one of my all time favourite documentaries, because it is the first time that I had heard about Sylvia Earle (aka my hero). This follows Sylvia Earle’s great achievements in marine conservation. This is an inspirational documentary, but is also a heartbreaking one, going into the ways that the ocean is suffering, mainly through overfishing and plastic pollution. Her insights into these matters will really make you think about how environmentally friendly your life is. It is available to watch on Netflix.

5. Blackfish

This is slightly older that the other two, but has such an important message. It follows the journey of Tilikum, who was a captive Orca in SeaWorld Orlando, how he was captured and his life in the aquarium. Some of you may remember the trainer that was tragically killed in SeaWorld by an Orca, this is the story of that Orca. It uncovers how such large animals are kept in such small tanks, and the sad life they live in captivity. I strongly recommend this documentary, as it really makes you think about the poor quality of life large mammals have in aquariums around the world. This is available to watch on Stan.



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