Behind the Blue Scientist

Hello there! First, I want to say welcome to my blog! I am so glad you’ve found it, because this means that you have just taken your first step to leading a more sustainable, and eco friendly life, and just like me, you want to learn more about the ocean and conservation.

I thought I would start with a little bit of info about who I am. My name is Sofia, and I am in my final 6 months of my Bachelor of Science degree, where I am majoring in Marine Biology. I have learnt so much throughout this degree, and thought that I could share some of the interesting things I have learnt about marine ecosystems and conservation along the way! From a young age I have loved the ocean, and being from interstate Australia made this obsession even stronger.


“Even if you never have the chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume. Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.” – Sylvia Earle

Throughout this blog, I hope to help people understand the effects that humans are having on the ocean. A lot of people tend not to understand how much the ocean is affected by our presence, because of the large portion of earth it takes up. So if I get even a dozen people to understand the effect that things like global warming, and plastic pollution are having on the worlds oceans, then I wont feel as helpless as I do now. This blog is aimed at people who really want to make a difference in the world, and hope to make it a cleaner place for your kids, grandkids, or just anyone living in the future.

It wont all be doom and gloom though, I don’t just want to give you the information, but I want you to make steps to do something about it! So every Wednesday, I’ll be posting some tips and tricks to help you minimise your impact. These will be easy to slip into your day-to-day routine, and I’ll try to give the most affordable solutions as I can. I’ll also be posting at least two or three times a week, with interesting articles, thoughts, suggestions, or really anything science and environment related. I am a keen photographer, so don’t be surprised if on the rare occasion I’ll be showcasing some of my special photos.

A big inspiration for me to start this journey was the woman that keeps inspiring me every day: Sylvia Earle. She is an amazing role model for women in science, especially marine biology. Watching her documentary Mission Blue, was when I decided that I needed to change the way I viewed the ocean, and I saw really for the first time, the negative impacts our waste was having on the ocean. After this, I have change the way I live my life, to go from being a mindless consumer to someone who thinks about their purchase and decisions from an environmental perspective.

Even though this is my first blog, I want the passion that I have for the ocean to come across in my writing. I have so many ideas for this blog and am really excited to get started! So if you think that this blog will be something that would interest you, feel free to leave a comment or follow me on Instagram @the_bluescientist, that way whenever there is a new post you’ll be the first to know. If you have any suggestions, questions or would just like to know more about a particular topic, then feel free to leave a comment, or get in touch with me at thebluescientist@gmail.com.

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